And so it begins…

September 19, 2008

Lately I’ve been propelling forward, much faster than my website can be updated. One of these days, this whole system will hit all of its beats like a metronome. Until that day, I will take to the blog to bridge the gap. Basically, I will be posting things I’m working on and where and when to catch my work around the city (or country!!!)

This summer has been completely stupid crazy!!!! So many changes along with so many exciting opportunities.

Back in May I had my first solo exhibition at OMY Gallery here in Toronto. 

In June I was asked to customize a Mike Jackson Boris Brothers Eco Friendly bag (Like a fool, I didn’t snap a picture) And last month I had the pleasure of customizing a pair of Vans for group show. All of this went down at the OMY.


The Vans show was mind blowing!!! SO many great artists were involved in this one. It was pretty unreal. To top it off, my pair sold. Couldn’t ask for much more really. 

Just last weekend I was involved in the Element Eden art auction, KNOW BY HEART, for Breast Cancer research. It was an honor to show my work along side Julia Deakin, Juliana Neufeld, Dana Cowie and Meghan Paterson. All brilliant talents in their own right. Not only was I in wonderful company, but the cause itself is one that has affected women in my family. It was an opportunity I could not pass up. Plus… it’s fucking ELEMENT!!!!! 

My best bud Patrick came out and blogged the heck out of the event- so I will spare you the flicks…except for this gem.


Last weekend’s show was a complete success raising about 4K. I expect Vancouver’s show to deliver in spades. If you’re in Vancouver this saturday, come check this show out at Chapel Arts, doors at 7 and if its anywhere near as swanky as the Resistor show…Open bar and hor dourves. Just sayin….

All in all I’ve been mad busy. Honorable mentions go to:

My new job…
My new Bear Prints…
My new apartment… 



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