Morning inspiration and evaluation: Just for kicks

July 21, 2009

Beautiful head pieces constructed entirely of boots, pumps and flats.
So stunning!

Having finally climbed out from my “hole in the ground” apartment, I’m now in a lofty bedroom above the trees. My creativity is back up; it’s amazing what a big window and heaps of light can do.
I’ve got some new ideas I’m working out which means I will be making some new work, finally.
Recently I’ve been having a difficult time articulating the significance behind the images I make. Of course getting to the root of things can be a challenge and somewhat counter productive, as it is always changing, shifting. The constant analysis totally discourages the process for me. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that I feel compelled to be able to express to people what my intent is.
Blah blah blah.
Long story short, I am starting to uncover a concise direction for my animals-I don’t think I have pulled enough out of them to fully extinguish them just yet.

So, I guess… stay tuned?


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