It could all be so simple…

November 24, 2009

Birds on the back burner for the moment.

I’ve always said that for me, it’s all about portraiture. It’s time to bring’er back.

I almost forgot how much fun it is to draw like this.  It still blows my mind how a simple line change can transform something from totally wrong and cartoonish to realistic and right on the mark. Just a simple line!!! Blows my mind that it can be so simple. Just one of the many things that makes me love to draw.

One a day.


5 Responses to “It could all be so simple…”

  1. Kelso Says:

    TAMI!!!!! I heart these so much! Especially the girl with the feathers in her hair!!! Awesome!

  2. dani Says:

    do you sell these?

  3. mph Says:

    the first one looks like karen. kind of. these are cool.

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