Stiff Littler Fingers

January 7, 2010

I’ve been spending a few nights this week painting watercolor flowers for a project at work. It has proven to be a good exercise for me…in fact, it’s made me realize how stiff my practice has become. I have developed bad habits as an artist, I don’t sketch, sometimes it looks as though every line I draw is micromanaged  (which I have really noticed with the beauty/fashion portraits Ive been doing). It almost seems hard to believe how stiff my work is, when you consider that I drip paint all over the place. Sadly, even that I control- or have control of.   Maybe its not so hard to believe….I just sort of recognized it now.
While painting with watercolor, I struggled. Big time. It actually HURTS me to leave out the fine tuned detail. Sometimes the gestural implication is all you need, I’ve neglected that.  I’ve been drawing a certain way for such a long time that my creative muscles aren’t as loose as they used to be. I think I need to revisit life drawing and relax my line work.

On a different creative note, when I cook…the process couldn’t be more relaxed. There’s nothing stiff about it. I throw things together, I improvise, I rarely follow a recipe…
BUT I can’t bake for shit- The rules are too rigid and you have to be a chemist to bend those rules.
Seems as though I need to be more like a painter when I bake…and more like a chef when I draw.



2 Responses to “Stiff Littler Fingers”

  1. christinamm Says:

    Interesting comparisons! It is the season for resolutions, you know 😉

  2. dani Says:

    it’s pretty amazing that you can so openly self critique your work

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