One a day II

November 3, 2010

I’m restarting my one drawing a day project. With the response from my previous sale of the older drawings, I figure now is a great time to pick this back up. Plus it’s a nice outlet and a good exercise.

So, I will be posting one new drawing a day with the hopes to sell each new drawing by the following day. $25  and if it doesn’t sell…it’s getting shredded. Maybe this will teach me to be less precious with my work.
Whether or not I can actually muster up the strength to shred a piece of art I spent all day on.. well only time will tell!

Here is today’s One a Day drawing.

“Forward into Light”

Pencil and charcoal on  Canson paper

9″ x 12″

Update! This Drawing is sold. She’s packed up and off to Finland, thank you so much Jon!

3 Responses to “One a day II”

  1. Great drawing, the shading is really effective.

  2. Jon Says:

    According to the tracking she has already arrived in Finland. Keep up the great work!

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