Forget me nots again

April 12, 2011

French illustrator/designer, Coco does it again. Her illustrations are so dreamy and inspiring. I blogged about her Forget me not scarves a while back…just thought I’d highlight a few of my favourites from the Fall/Winter 11 collection. SO LOVELY!



Thoughts Are Like Arrows

November 4, 2010

“Thoughts Are Like Arrows” (One A Day Project)

9″x 12″

Pencil and Charcoal on Canson Paper

One a day II

November 3, 2010

I’m restarting my one drawing a day project. With the response from my previous sale of the older drawings, I figure now is a great time to pick this back up. Plus it’s a nice outlet and a good exercise.

So, I will be posting one new drawing a day with the hopes to sell each new drawing by the following day. $25  and if it doesn’t sell…it’s getting shredded. Maybe this will teach me to be less precious with my work.
Whether or not I can actually muster up the strength to shred a piece of art I spent all day on.. well only time will tell!

Here is today’s One a Day drawing.

“Forward into Light”

Pencil and charcoal on  Canson paper

9″ x 12″

Update! This Drawing is sold. She’s packed up and off to Finland, thank you so much Jon!

Make room

October 26, 2010

Doing a little sale! These were part of my “One A Day” series I was doing at work earlier this year. I’m planning on starting that back up -post to sell!
Watch out for that. In the mean time, remember these girls?



$75 with frame $50 without
Pencil, Acrylic, Ink and Pen
On Illustration Board.

Foxy Lady

Ugly Bunny

Super Touch


It Could All Be So Simple

Contact me at or leave a comment here if you’d like to own one of these original pencil drawings.

Lauren Moffatt’s Spring 2010 collection had to be designed with me in mind…look at these clothes and tell me I don’t belong in them. You can’t, because these looks are sooooo me.

I wish I was independently wealthy so I could buy every last look. Seriously. WANT!!!!

The talented Garance Dore

“I just want to say to everyone like me who chose slightly more complicated paths, the roads less traveled, the ones with lots of roadblocks and long stretches of anguish, I just want to say that the most important thing is to always be moving toward your desire. Just do the things that make you smile and you’ll always end up somewhere. Even if that place is not anywhere you’d imagined you’d be at the start.”

Thanks for the reminder….This was really something I needed to hear, especially right now.

new illustrations – watercolour, pencil, marker and photoshop.


Forget me not silk scarves designed by fashion illustrator Coco. Want one… want to make one. Love them!


March 12, 2010

Happened upon this. Love it. Suiting for this rainy friday afternoon.
Found here!
New blog I stumbled across today. I love fashion blogs. Some of this stuff is so outrageous.most of these vintage looks are styled to perfection…makes it look easy. I certainly couldn’t carry any of it off.

Have a wonderful weekend world!

What comes after the Blues…

February 25, 2010

… a potentially excessive credit card bill from Etsy sellers.