Been working on this commission for a little bit. It spent more time in conception than actual brush to canvas work. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

It’s another 30×40″ canvas… I will pull this out by the end of the week.


Forget me nots again

April 12, 2011

French illustrator/designer, Coco does it again. Her illustrations are so dreamy and inspiring. I blogged about her Forget me not scarves a while back…just thought I’d highlight a few of my favourites from the Fall/Winter 11 collection. SO LOVELY!


Stay in the shade

April 6, 2011

Been a while since my last “one a day” thing….

“Stay in the shade”
9×12 watercolour painting. 140lb cold press.



March 29, 2011

I moved out of my old apartment and in with the boy recently – it was one of the better apartments I’ve had in this city (Ever since moving here in 1998, I’m perpetually moving…I believe I’ve moved 10 times in 12 years. I’m a damn nomad!!!) My last apartment was pretty nice – 1 bedroom on the 2nd floor of a large victorian house… big balcony, nice galley kitchen, high ceilings and a lot of charm.

Sadly, due to the entrance way of the new place, my handsome Ethan Allen heaven couch (which I got on Craigslist for $300!!!) wouldn’t fit. Luckily, it’s got a new home with some friends so I can always visit it. That trunk, also a Craigslist score ($15) had to go (dumb merging)…Kelso waited a good two years to take this off my hands…she’s a patient one I tell ya.

Any how, that apartment was good to me …but I can honestly say, my new place is by far, the BEST apartment I’ve ever lived in.

The only room in the new place that we’ve completed is the livingroom – which only required minor decor adjustments… the kitchen and bathroom had to be painted, among other things….

We got a really nice persian rug for a steal…and that couch was also found on Craigslist. Selling the old couch covered my share of the cost on this one. Rob and Spark had some old white ratty curtains up before -totally the landlord’s doing. They were more decorative than functional anyway, so we got rid of them. I found a single packaged curtain panel at West Elm on super sale and DIY’ed it into 2 panels…
Now, why are curtains SINGLE PACKAGED and priced as if there are two in there?! Why is this the standard?  We can all agree a window requires the balance of 2, right?! It’s kind of dumb.

Recovered chair in coffee bean Burlap!Brrrap brrrap! Reupholstering is the jam!

Art wall! Mix of stuff. Includes a photograph of my  Saba (grandfather) shot for Time Magazine in the 1950’s. Back story -After the war of Independence in 1948 between Israel and neighbouring Arab countries, including Iraq, many Iraqi jews faced persecution. This subsequently led to the mass exodus of Jewish people from the country in 1951-52….This photograph captures my Saba leading a prayer for the Jews in Iraq at that time. The emotion and urgency in this photograph is palpable.. just incredible….my grandfather was a pretty amazing man.

Just a little history, nbd. Back to decor, here is my inspiration for the bathroom…
We accidentally painted our bathroom a non-colour….with every intention of using a colour-colour. What I mean by this is we goofed mixing a light blue and cream paint our landlord already had and offered us. 
So the bathroom is a verrrrrrrry light non-colour gray. Everything in the bathroom is white and our walls aren’t too far off.  It’s not bad, it just means colour has to be sourced else where. Enter the inspiration for the colour pallette…..
Print by UnitedThread on Etsy. SOOO MANY PRINTS I WANT!!! The stacked whales? Beautiful! and the owls are lovely too, but this one was the one I chose.


I’m quite partial to the shower curtain above..but it does come in a cloud blue, which may be easier on the male contingent of the house. Hopefully, it all goes to plan.
updates to follow.

“It’s not a sin to get knocked down; it’s a sin to stay down” – Carl Brashear

I did this one for a dear friend who has just come out of a rough couple of years. I hope this painting reminds him what he’s made of.

“Calmer Waters and Brighter Skies”

Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

Holiday Beasts

December 29, 2010

This holiday season, it was pretty important to me to let the people in my life (especially the new ones) know how much I appreciate them. Having no budget, just time, I figured the best bet was something home made. Seems as though a lot of my friends have dogs. I thought to myself – I must draw their pups to show them how much I care, yes! *disclaimer: these images were shot on my iphone…quality is poop*

Olive for Pam

Molly for Natalie

Ruby for Keith and Cathy

Maybelline for Sean and Aidan

O-Ren for Kelso

Layla for Lauren

Nice little pet series.

Holiday Warz

December 18, 2010

I can’t seem to stop!!! These fatties are part of a commission – I love them and wish I could keep them! Hopefully the recipient loves them just as much.

Just want to wish everyone a Merry ho- ho….Hope all your holiday shopping is in the can for another year. If not, you may find yourself at the mall in a similar scenario as junco and chickadee here!

A while back, close to 4 years I think, I found myself in a significant rut. I wasn’t producing any art – I worked a of sting minimum wage retail jobs and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I certainly didn’t think I would be where I am right now.

By chance, I met Matthew Scapillati.  Scappy ran a modest company called FINISH STRONG FAMILY and got me working. He put a bunch of my drawings on shirts and skateboards.

Holy shit right!? We would meet for brunch nearly every saturday to talk shop- it was a nice little routine and the making of a really great friendship. It also was an important stepping stone for me, after working with FSF, I opened my first Solo show at OMY.
My first design was a bird, actually most of my designs were! So it doesn’t surprise me, 4 years later, that Scaps asked me to paint him some birds.
They finally made it to him in Vancouver, which means I can FINALLY post them!!!! I’m so pleased with how they turned out.

(Birds landed in good company with Ansel Adams, Sharp Knives and deep thoughts)

(Chickadee – 8×10 Ink and Watercolour on 140 lb cold press)

(Purple Finch – 8×10 Prisma Colour Marker, Ink and Watercolour on 140 lb cold press)

(Magpie – 9×12  Ink and Watercolour on 140 lb cold press)

Thanks Scappy, Enjoy ’em!

Winter’s First Breath

December 7, 2010

Yesterday was Toronto’s first official snow fall..I can’t deny it any longer, winter is here. Boo. On the bright side, yesterday also marked my good friend Matt‘s 32nd birthday.
I whipped this little fella up JUST for him. Happy birthday Matty!  RENNICK RENNICK RENNICK!

Aubergine Dove

November 29, 2010

Aubergine Dove
9″ x 12″
Watercolour, Prisma Color Markers, Pen on 140 lb Cold Press Paper