Roses and Olive Branches

March 29, 2011

Tattoo design for the lovely Pamela Hopson, from start to finished drawing. I can’t wait to see how this looks when it’s tattooed.

This was my initial drawing… she hadn’t decided on a bird yet, so I subbed in my go to bird. (see: bird on a wire). After harassing her via text about bird choices, she decided on the delicate and feminine humming bird. The bush tit was a close second. hahaha!

First revision. The roses and olive details were spot on, so I only had to sort out the bird. I love tracing paper! Total life saver.

The final drawing!

Sorta pretty : )


Daily PMA

April 3, 2009

I have talented, kind, funny, generous, wonderful friends.

Humble Pie.

October 13, 2008

I don’t know who’s arms these are on… or the tattoo artists who replicated the graphic . Who ever they are, they did an amazing job! Kinda makes me want to revisit the idea of tattooing. Though I’m sure my first try wouldn’t look anything like these… SO ill!


Whore of a bird!

Thanks to Scaps for giving this guy a sky to fly in.